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Here is a list of my top 5 most anticipated horror releases in the last quarter of 2014, the following list is in no particular order!


ANNABELLE – October 3rd 

Everyone alive is interested in seeing this tie in to the adored James Wan creeper The Conjuring. Annabelle, that creepy doll that spooked us in the film is back to make us all sh*t our pants again in her own flick this October. John R. Leonetti is tapped to direct this chiller, Creepy dolls and Halloween madness seem like a very appropriate fit. We’ll find out if these two can coexist on the level we’re all hoping for next month.








THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN – October 16thThe Town That Dreaded Sundown

Yet another remake, which is always a scary proposition on it’s own regardless of the content of the film, but The Town that Dreaded Sundown is a film that horror fans either know intimately, or missed altogether. We’re all hoping this reboot is really great, but even if it’s not maybe it’s existence will inspire more fans to seek out the original. I think this will be a gem for the horror remakes! I can feel it!



V/H/S VIRAL – October 23rd

This is another anthology offering horror shorts, and the success of the first and second installments prompted a quick sequel and an exciting trip to the Cannes festival to show it off. While the name is still fresh in horror fan’s minds this one will certainly have some play, especially now that it’s escalated to a bonafide franchise. Lets hope the third installment can follow suit and keep up the awesomeness the first and second movies had!









HORNS – October 31st Horns Poster

Is the long anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill’s bestselling novel of the same name going to live up to expectations? Can Daniel Radcliffe successfully front a picture of this nature? Will the damn thing be as creepy as we’re hoping? The curious will receive their answers on Halloween! I hope it lives up to the hype but wasn’t all that impressed by daniel in The Woman in Black a few years back!







THE BABADOOK – November 28th Babadock movie image

Only The Town That Dreaded Sundown rivals this one in terms of anticipation, for me. The trailer is insanely appealing, giving us a few glimpses of what could be a seriously engrossing picture. Production values look quite respectable and the tone of the feature seems to be very sinister and creepy. A couple qualities I can really dig. Of all the films on this list,The Babadook just might be the most frightening of them all.


During a recent interview with producer Jason Blum, we got some info on another film on his already full slate, the remake of The Town that Dreaded Sundown, with “American Horror Story”‘s Ryan Murphy. Read on for details.

When asked what prompted Blum to want to get involved in the project, the producer had this to say…

“Well, Ryan Murphy found the movie and brought it to me and said he wanted to do it so I didn’t find it necessarily. I think he’s an amazing creative force, especially with ‘American Horror Story.’ I think he thinks about horror in a very unique way, and so when he pitched it to me, I really wanted to work with him on it. But I didn’t know the movie well.”

Blum continues, “So that’s what got me interested in the project at first. And so the whole point of why my business exists and why I’m such a fanatic about making movies for not a lot of money is that you have to keep doing different stuff. The same relationship I have with The Purge I have with The Town that Dreaded Sundown. That’s the fun thing about when you don’t have a $20 million movie, which is a typical studio budget, or a $180 million tent pole movie to create- you can try new stuff. It might work, it might not work but we can always try things. This is a weird movie to remake, but I love doing weird things.”

“American Horror Story” director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon will direct the remake of the 1976 Charles B. Pierce horror classic with Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum producing. Addison Timlin, Travis Tope, Veronica Cartwright, Gary Cole, and Joshua Leonard (The Blair Witch Project) star.

In the flick Timlin plays Jami, a girl who survives a copycat massacre at the film’s annual tribute screening and sets out to solve the mystery of who’s recreating the unsolved Sackhead murders, using clues from her own past. Travis Tope plays a classmate who befriends Timlin’s character and decides to make a documentary about the search for the killer. Cole is a deputy who is doggedly pursuing the killer, and Leonard will play the deputy assigned to protect Jami and her grandmother (Cartwright) who is raising her after her parents die in a car accident.

The original movie was based on five unsolved murders attributed to the Phantom Killer during three months in 1946 in and around the city of Texarkana on the border between Texas and Arkansas. Pierce shot large parts of the movie in and around Texarkana with extras recruited from local residents.

Look for more on this one as it comes.