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Here is a list of my top 5 most anticipated horror releases in the last quarter of 2014, the following list is in no particular order!


ANNABELLE – October 3rd 

Everyone alive is interested in seeing this tie in to the adored James Wan creeper The Conjuring. Annabelle, that creepy doll that spooked us in the film is back to make us all sh*t our pants again in her own flick this October. John R. Leonetti is tapped to direct this chiller, Creepy dolls and Halloween madness seem like a very appropriate fit. We’ll find out if these two can coexist on the level we’re all hoping for next month.








THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN – October 16thThe Town That Dreaded Sundown

Yet another remake, which is always a scary proposition on it’s own regardless of the content of the film, but The Town that Dreaded Sundown is a film that horror fans either know intimately, or missed altogether. We’re all hoping this reboot is really great, but even if it’s not maybe it’s existence will inspire more fans to seek out the original. I think this will be a gem for the horror remakes! I can feel it!



V/H/S VIRAL – October 23rd

This is another anthology offering horror shorts, and the success of the first and second installments prompted a quick sequel and an exciting trip to the Cannes festival to show it off. While the name is still fresh in horror fan’s minds this one will certainly have some play, especially now that it’s escalated to a bonafide franchise. Lets hope the third installment can follow suit and keep up the awesomeness the first and second movies had!









HORNS – October 31st Horns Poster

Is the long anticipated adaptation of Joe Hill’s bestselling novel of the same name going to live up to expectations? Can Daniel Radcliffe successfully front a picture of this nature? Will the damn thing be as creepy as we’re hoping? The curious will receive their answers on Halloween! I hope it lives up to the hype but wasn’t all that impressed by daniel in The Woman in Black a few years back!







THE BABADOOK – November 28th Babadock movie image

Only The Town That Dreaded Sundown rivals this one in terms of anticipation, for me. The trailer is insanely appealing, giving us a few glimpses of what could be a seriously engrossing picture. Production values look quite respectable and the tone of the feature seems to be very sinister and creepy. A couple qualities I can really dig. Of all the films on this list,The Babadook just might be the most frightening of them all.

Just when wannabe filmmakers settled down after Evil Dead and started opting for the usual nine to five gigs, there comes The Blair Witch Project to rile them up again. With a scant budget that’s probably less than you’d pay for film school, the unnerving 1999 endeavor won major acclaim, raked in more money than any spellcaster this side of Glinda, and spawned dozens of imitators that persist in producing sequel after sequel.  Paranormal Activity, I’m looking at you.

Back at the turn of the millennium, the found footage angle wasn’t a wholly new concept.  The subgenre could be traced back to 1980’s Cannibal Holocaustbut The Blair Witch Project was the first to prove just how mass marketable a shot-on-low-budget-video mockumentary could be.  Now everyone from George Romero to J.J. Abrams has jumped on that grainy bandwagon, though once the budgets skyrocket into the multimillions, you have to wonder if they might have missed the point.

As a random aside, you could also blame the trend of shaky handheld shots on the film’s pass-the-Dramamine style, so obviously, that Blair Witch must be stopped.

7 Movies That Changed the Landscape of Horror Forever!

Lot’s of people wondering what to watch if they want to get into horror but are unsure of which movies they would watch etc..

This list is for people who aren’t opposed to watching black/white movies and older movies too.

This is by no means a have to list or anything just a list I think that might benefit some people who want to watch a backlog of the history of horror!

Here it is below:





Nice and easy….let’s start with vampires.

  1. Nosferatu (1922) – You always remember the first time
  2. Dracula (1931) – Bela Lugosi defined Dracula as we know him today
  3. Horror of Dracula (1958) – Any Hammer film will do, but this is a good one with which to start
  4. Salem’s Lot (1979) – TV but ooooh scary
  5. Fright Night (1985) – This is a great way to learn the rules plus it’s fun
  6. Love at First Bite (1979) – Cause it’s too much fun to miss

Moving on to Werewolves.

  1. An American Werewolf in London (1981) – This is how to film a transformation
  2. The Howling (1981) – This was a good year for lycanthrope lovers. The Howling rocks
  3. Dog Soldiers (2004) – After years of hellish films, this came along to make it all better
  4. Silver Bullet (1985) – The Haimster vs the Werewolf…what more could you want?
  5. The Wolf Man (1933) – In the beginning, God made the hairy man. And it was good

*Now you can decide whether you prefer bipedal or four-legged werewolves. Personally I go for the two-leggers every time. I know London is the definitive werewolf flick, but the uprights are just plain scarier to me.

Look out. Here come the zombies.

  1. Night of the Living Dead (1968) – Uncle George’s first movie. Isn’t it cute?
  2. Dawn of the Dead (1978) – The most epic zombie film ever made. Many fans favor this one
  3. Day of the Dead (1985) – Think of these three as the Star Wars of zombie films
  4. Night of the Living Dead (1990) – This is one time I will allow you to enjoy a remake
  5. Dawn of the Dead (2004) – You can like this one too…just not too much. Then you can decide if you like ‘em fast or slow….slow, slow, slow
  6. Shaun of the Dead (2004) – Beautifully made film that everyone should see, genre fan or not

  7. Re-Animator (1985) – This is how Lovecraft does zombies

Look up. It’s aliens. No, not up the page. Up in the sky. It’s a…nevermind. Here they are.

  1. Alien (1979) – Well what did you expect? It’s the coolest
  2. The Thing (1982) – Carpenter kicked so much butt with this film and the effects are stellar
  3. Spaced Invaders (HAHA NO! Just making sure you are paying attention)
  4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 and 1978) – Watch both. Both are good

The Slashers.

  1. Halloween (1978) – Carpenter’s spooky flick that gave us an icon
  2. Friday the 13th Parts 1-3 (1980) – The ones that started it all…for Jason
  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) – Leatherface in all his gory glory (but it’s not gory)
  4. Psycho (1960) – Hitchcock did it first. Watch it here.
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Who could forget Freddy once he gets his mitts all over ya?

Miscellaneous or movies that should be watched just because:

  1. The Fly (1986) – I encourage you to watch the original with Vincent Price as well, but this one is awesome-er
  2. The Exorcist (1973) – What possessed you to miss this movie? Christ compels you to watch it
  3. Jaws (1975) – I will bite you if you don’t watch this movie. It’s my all-time favorite
  4. Rosemary’s Baby (1968) – Classic tale of paranoia….maybe
  5. The Birds (1963) – See? Hitchcock can make the simplest things scary as Hell

That’s a pretty decent list to get you started. I am not saying these are the only important films out there nor am I saying you shouldn’t watch anything else. Of course you can watch whatever you want, but these are the ones I am certainly glad I didn’t miss early on. They helped me love horror like I do today.

And now for some guidelines…

  • Don’t jump right in with some 70′s grindhouse/splatter/exploitation film. You probably won’t get it and you will consequently hate the genre you are learning about.
  • Do rent or borrow or watch on cable any classics you can get your hands on. Do not be afraid of black and white films. They will not hurt you. But missing some of them may hurt you. Look for anything involving William Castle, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr or Alfred Hitchcock.
  • Don’t watch a remake before you watch the original. See number Number One Rule below
  • Do watch the originals while trying to keep in mind the time period and what was going on with technology as well as politics and pop culture….look out, you just might learn something
  • At least until you are ready…stay away from anything referred to as a re-imagining. You have to crawl before you can run screaming

Above all, have fun and remember that being scared is a natural thing. It’s what keeps us safe from all the real-life boogeymen. Nothing wrong with honing that skill from time to time. If you feel you don’t want to enter into this alone, bring a buddy. The more the merrier. Remember when I mentioned the Number One Rule? Here it is:

“You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know whence you came.”

Respect the classics. They paved the way for all of us.

Ok so I know this isn’t exactly as Top 10 but hey I really only can think of these 6 movies quick enough to get this article out so deal! Anyway, I feel that these days Hollywood has a huge problem trying to make the remakes of horror movies really work… don’t get me wrong the promotion from all these movies are always stellar which get’s major hype but then more times than not the movie ends up being a massive box-office success but a giant flop to horror lovers like ourselves, right?! Well I tried to come up with a small little list for you guys right now and I am in the process of making another list over more modern remakes like within the last say may 3-4 years compared to some of these being kinda old right now! Well here’s the list below, enjoy and let me know your thoughts below guys!! Thanks!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Starring Jessica Biel this remake of Tobe Hooper’s classic original is a violent and modern take on the classic. The original film was released in 1974 and is a must have film for fans of the cult classics. In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a group of friends passing through a small town are stalked and hunted down by a deformed killer with a chainsaw and his diabolical family. I like to bag on Jessica Biel and the fact she is never my first choice as an actress but her obvious good looks and her emotionally stunted acting worked effectively in this film.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

The Hills Have Eyes:

The remake in 2006 which was directed by Alexander Aja was an absolutely fantastic and brutal film with equal parts suspense and terrifying violence to make it one of the better remakes to sprout out of the Hollywood machine. What made this movie work is an unknown cast and an incredibly talented up and coming director. Over the years Alexander Aja’s name has been brought up to direct many films including a remake of Hellraiser and the brutal French film Martyrs.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

The Thing:

Released in 1982 this remake of the 1951 classic works for all the obvious reason. A talented director in John Carpenter an outstanding cast including Kurt Russell and some of the best practical special effects ever applied to film. They did not just remake a film for the sake of remaking it they took a classic tale of sci-fi terror and brought it up to modern standards while adding their own twist to it. This film much like the remake of night of the Living Dead has gotten a real workout in my DVD player having watched it no less than 50 times over the years.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

Rob Zombies Halloween:

Rob Zombie has quite a reputation and has more than once come out in the press to bag on remakes and the directors that make them. So needless to say there was some irony to his remaking Halloween which is another staple of the genre. Rob Zombie however proved that a talented director can take a classic make it his own and deliver a unique experience that new and old fans alike can appreciate. The real shame here is that Rob made a sequel to his remake in the form of 2009’s Halloween 2 which is not just one of the worst sequels / remakes but one of the worst horror movies I have seen in ages.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

The Hitcher

Admittedly this one was a risk putting it on here but I love this movie a lot which will probably get me some backlash from you guys. The only reason it really ends up here is because of the fantastic performance that Sean Bean turned in as The Hitcher. Questionably as entertaining as the original it at least is an entertaining stab at a 1986 classic.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

My Bloody Valentine 3D

I am not a fan of 3D and feel it is a complete gimmick. That said I was truly shocked to see how well this film held up and how much I enjoyed it. It did not exactly track new ground but it was definitely a violent and sadistic tribute to the original and one that was well worth seeing. You can never go wrong with more violent films of terror that revolve around one of our favourite commercialized holidays Valentines day.

14 Best Horror Remakes Worth Watching.

There are a lots of my friend who turn to me when looking for a horror movie to watch considering I’m the horror fanatic within my group of friends.. so needless to say it was only a matter of time before I made a small list of some of the movies I consider a ‘must-watch’ for horror new comers! These are the movies I feel any amateur to the genre should give a go.   But please remember, these are MY recommendations, not according to ratings or popularity!

1.  Cabin Fever  ‘Cabin Fever’ is everything I love in a horror movie.  It’s ridiculous, it’s hilarious and it has a whole lot of blood and guts .  This movie encouraged the biggest crush on Eli Roth and really cemented my love for the genre.  All of the main characters are stereotypical – the ‘nice’ girl, the ‘nice’ boy, the token douche, the semi-retarded guy, the resident skank.

So of course it’s even better when the infection starts to kick in.  I love the cop and Dennis the pancake-loving kid was horror-comedy gold.  It’s movies with this much randomness that make me want more. I would also like to add that if you enjoy this then watch every single one of Eli Roth’s movie one after another!!

8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

2.  The Evil Dead If Bruce Campbell is God then ‘The Evil Dead’ is the Holy Grail of horror movies.  Sam Raimi basically invented horror-comedy with this cabin-in-the-woods film.  While it is funny and extremely over-the-top, there are also legitimate scares.

I love that the effects are cheesy and even to watch this when it is over thirty years old, it still resonates with me the same way ‘Titanic’ resonates with others.  Kudos to the tree scene; forests will never be the same.

8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

3.  The Strangers As strange as this might seem, this is the only movie that has really ever scared me when watching the first time out.  As in I-can’t-sleep-because-there-are-monsters-under-my-bed scary.  You cannot watch this movie without a late night, no lights on and possibly a cushion to hide under. This one is truly creepy, maybe considering the possibility of this happening are the highest from all the movies mentioned!!

Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman are pretty typical to watch as their house, and themselves, is abducted by masked strangers.

8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

 4.  Ginger Snaps Low-budget cult hit ‘Ginger Snaps’ often flies under the radar when it comes to horror lists.  It is such a smart, quick-witted movie with a lot of social relevance that I don’t understand how people miss it.  Werewolves are quite often hard to get right but somehow this movie nails it.

But otherwise this is a fairly B-grade cast – Mimi Rogers kills it as the girls’ oblivious mother.  I would be pretty disappointed if anyone hated this film because it is extremely entertaining and better than some of those straight-to-DVD crapfests we ‘love’ so much.

 8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

5.  Drag Me to Hell A lot of people I have spoken to about this movie hated it. Completely and utterly hated it.  Me, on the other hand, absolutely loved it.  I have watched it so many times; that now it may have lost it’s effect but it is really worth a watch and I would tell everyone to put the sound up pretty high!! Sam Raimi once again blends horror and comedy seamlessly to create my favourite movie of 2009.

Alison Lohman is extremely likeable as the lovely Christine and hot-geek Justin Long is his usually self as Clay, Christine’s boyfriend.  The real star of the show  is Lorna Raver as the incredibly creepy and absolutely disgusting Mrs. Ganush.  Never again will loan officers decline extensions to crazy gypsy ladies.

 8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

6.  American Psycho Christian Bale, I don’t care if you rant like a loony on film sets or sound like a douche and get hurried along in your Oscar speech.  I will never forget you as Patrick Bateman, young hotshot New York banker/crazy chainsaw-nail-gun-weilding lunatic.

Awesome movie… that is all.

8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans


7.  Freddy vs. Jason Although this is probably not my favourite of all the Nightmare movies (or Friday movies, for that fact), it is such a ridiculous piece of work that you can’t help but love it.  The characters are horrific, the kills are hilarious.

Robert Englund is gold in his usual Freddy pants and he makes a mockery of Jason throughout the whole film.  I love that I don’t have to think while I watch; it is complete and utter junk food and anyone with half a brain needs to watch this.

One of my all time favourite movies!! This is a true masterpiece in horror/comedy! Loved every minute of it!

8 Must See Horror Films for New Horror Fans

 I know, I know, I have left off quite a lot.  But these are the ones I feel are most relevant for new-gen teenyboppers to start their love of horror movies.

Give me your thoughts below guys! 🙂

Hey guys just wanted to do another top 10 and see if you guys enjoyed it as much as last one! Horror movies are known for their screaming female victims, but what happen’s when it’s the female’s doing the terrorizing? Well here is the list I have compiled for this!

Enjoy! Don’t forget to give us your opinion!

10-   Ginger (Ginger Snaps)

Ginger and her younger sister, Brigitte, like to pose like they are dead and take strange pictures of themselves.  Ginger has her first period and gets bitten by a werewolf on the same night during a full moon. I don’t think she mean’s to be bad, but her inner wolf comes out and wants more than just a light snack!

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

9- Baby Firefly (House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects)

Baby Firefly seems to get her thrills from torturing other people just for fun.   Don’t let her pretty face fool you though, she is seriously evil and demented.  Baby Firefly is very skilled on the dance floor and with a knife.  She carves up her victims and laughs about it! Super hot too did I mention? haha

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

8- Jennet Humfrye  (The Woman in Black)

Jennet’s son was stolen from her by her sister because she was a single mother. Her sister adopted the little boy and then in a tragic accident he died in the Eel Marsh.  Jennet never forgave her sister and committed suicide over the tragic turn of events.  Her vengeful spirit haunts Eel Marsh and the Village nearby by entrancing the children and leading them to their deaths.

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

7-  Lola (Loved Ones)

Lola and her Father have a very close and strange relationship.  Anything she wants, her Father will try to do his best to fulfill her wishes.   At the moment, she wants the boy who turned her down for Prom, so Daddy kidnaps him and brings him to Lola.  Lola is truly evil and not good girlfriend material.   She gets her kicks by kidnapping guys and torturing them while Daddy watches. Wow talk about daddy’s little girl…

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

6- Julia (Hellraiser 1 and 2)

Julia will do anything for the man that she loves.  She lies, Cheats, and Kills just to bring her man back from Hell.   Julia seduces innocent men and brings them back to her skinless lover, Frank,  so that he can devour them and regain his strength.  Unfortunately for Julia, the Cenobites have other plans and she ends up as helpless as her lover was… not sure if she deserves to be up this high really but I guess why not she is pretty crazy right?

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

5- La Femme (Inside)

The Woman will stop at nothing to get back the child that she lost.  Months earlier, The woman and Sarah were involved in a fatal car crash that killed Sarah’s husband and The Woman’s unborn child.

The Woman has come to exact her revenge and take Sarah’s baby for her own.   A bloody battle ensues and The Woman is ruthlessly determined to take the baby any way she can.

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

4-Asami – Audition

Behind that innocent beautiful smile there hides pain from a traumatic past and it is this fear of the unknown that earns Asami number one.This shy and demure ex-dancer just wants a good man in her life; she seems perfect with an obedient and faithful demeanor but break her trust and she will show you pain by inflicting sadistic torture upon you.

Asami enjoys nothing more than venting her rage; gaining immense pleasure and therapy from other people’s pain.

3- Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

Mrs. Voorhees has never gotten over the drowning of her only son, Jason. She carries out her revenge on anyone who tries to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. She especially hates teenagers that have sex, drink alcohol, or smoke pot.

She blames teenagers because it was a group of partying camp counselors that let her son die in the lake.  Mrs. Voorhees is quite skilled with a bow and arrow!

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

2- Annie Wilkes (Misery)

Annie Wilkes is Paul Sheldon’s number one fan, she is obsessed with his novels about a character named Misery.  She finds Paul after he crashes his car on a mountain road and brings him back to her isolated house in the woods.  Paul broke both his legs and dislocated his shoulder in the crash, so he is bed ridden and must rely on Annie for everything.

When Annie discovers that Paul has killed off her favourite character in his latest book, she goes into a rage.  Annie forces Paul to burn the manuscript he has worked so hard on and forces him to write a new book instead.  It turns out that Annie has a very troubled past and he is being held captive by an insane killer.

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!

1- Auntie Ruth (The Girl Next Door)

This will probably come as a shock to a lot of people but I like to try think outside the box for my top 10 lists. So here’s number 1 guys, Auntie Ruth is a widow that takes care of two young girls after their parents die in a car accident.  At first everything seems normal to her friend, David, that lives next door but eventually Meg tells him that Ruth is cruel to her and her younger sister.  Meg tells a local policeman about Ruth’s abuse, and ends up getting caught.

Ruth ties her up and tortures her using a small group of children  in the neighbourhood  to do her evil deeds for her.  One of  the most evil and vindictive female characters in Horror, Auntie Ruth,  is actually based on a real woman that tortured a young girl to death.  Real life is is sometimes worse than fiction!

Top Ten Most Terrifying Women in Horror Films!


Pennywise#10: PENNYWISE- kill count:9, films:1. He is the dancing clown and demonic entity who kills children and is part of disasters every 30 years in Derry,Maine.He was killed by having his heart pulled out while still alive and his signature weapon is his teeth.


candyman#9: CANDYMAN- kill count:22, films:3. Immortal killer who can teleport, has super-powers and has an army of bees under his control.He was the son of a slave and his weapon of choice is his hook hand.

Chucky #8: CHUCKY- kill count:30, films:6. A crazy killer doll that is hard to kill.Previously the lakeshore strangler Charles Lee Ray who was killed by police and used voodoo magic to transfer his soul to a good guy doll, his signature weapon is a kitchen knife.

Leatherface#7: LEATHERFACE- kill count:31, films:7. A cannibalistic serial killer with a mental disability.He also wears a mask made of human skin and comes from an inbred family,his signature weapon is his chainsaw.

Pinhead#6: PINHEAD- kill count:35, films:9. A master of torture with demonic powers who also leads a group of demon torturers known as the ‘Cenobites’.Suffered post-traumatic stress disorder,his signature weapon is his hooked chains.

jigsaw#5: JIGSAW- kill count:40, films:7. Criminal mastermind who uses traps to torture victims giving them chance of hope through sick games.He became bitter and twisted after loss of unborn child and inoperable cancer,his weapon of choice is traps.

freddy-krueger#4: FREDDY KRUEGER- kill count:42, films:9. Invades peoples dreams to kill them prefers children, cannot be killed in dream world but loses all powers in reality.He was an orphan who spent childhood being bullied, was also burned alive by residents of Elm street, his weapon of choice is his claw glove.

Leprechaun#3: LUBIN- kill count:45, films:7. Cruel,greedy and sadistic leprechaun who can be killed by touching a four-leaf clover..or can he?He was kidnapped by a greedy american looking for a pot of gold, he will use any weapon readily available to him.

Michael-Myers#2: MICHAEL MYERS- kill count:111, films:10. Serial killer who is extremely difficult to kill and doesnt speak.At age 6 killed his sister, was admitted to Smith’s Grove Asylum, escaped on Halloween eve uses a butcher knife as weapon of choice.


#1: JASON VOORHEES- kill count:300+, films:13. One of the highest body counts in slasher history, he is difficult to kill and can be revived with electricity.Drowned at age 11 at Camp Crystal Lake by other kids calling him a freak.He uses a machete as weapon of choice.

There you have it guys our first Top 10 list for you all to enjoy! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or feel free to leave a comment!