Halloween:The Next Chapter Debunked!

Posted: August 19, 2014 in News
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Ever since the 2009 release of Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, fans have been speculating on the future of the franchise.Michael Myers Readies the Kitchen Knife for Halloween: The Next Chapter?

When will Michael Myers return to the big screen, and will he slash again in the form of a reboot or a continuation of Zombie’s franchise? Read on for the latest rumor!

The website Schmoes Know reports today that a script entitled Halloween: The Next Chapter is currently being penned by an unnamed writer, set to be handed in to Dimension Films in the fall of 2015. Though little is known about this alleged screenplay, their sources tell them that it will be a continuation of Zombie’s films, while at the same time not being a direct follow-up to Halloween 2.

What the hell does that mean? Well, your guess is as good as ours at this point in time, but the site describes the so-called Next Chapter as a companion to Zombie’s films, creating a new line of Halloween movies within the rebooted franchise. Think Halloween 4, which took the original franchise in a totally different direction.

But apparently none of this is true according to the Halloween Facebook page, which stated;

”The rumors surrounding ‪#‎Halloween‬ The Next Chapter are not true.

We’ve been getting a lot of e-mails/tweets/Facebook messages lately about a project called Halloween: The Next Chapter. It seems that’s the latest buzz surrounding the next Halloween film and again it’s just not true. As we stated before, a new installment of Halloween is indeed in on track and moving forward and we are currently developing a script, to finally bring Michael back to the theaters!

More information will be released over the coming months and exclusively at Halloweenmovies.com. So make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, so you can know first!”

So, what are your thoughts guys? Whats next for the series? Comment below!!

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