Movies That Changed Horror:The Blair Witch Project

Posted: July 14, 2014 in News, Our Top 10's
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Just when wannabe filmmakers settled down after Evil Dead and started opting for the usual nine to five gigs, there comes The Blair Witch Project to rile them up again. With a scant budget that’s probably less than you’d pay for film school, the unnerving 1999 endeavor won major acclaim, raked in more money than any spellcaster this side of Glinda, and spawned dozens of imitators that persist in producing sequel after sequel.  Paranormal Activity, I’m looking at you.

Back at the turn of the millennium, the found footage angle wasn’t a wholly new concept.  The subgenre could be traced back to 1980’s Cannibal Holocaustbut The Blair Witch Project was the first to prove just how mass marketable a shot-on-low-budget-video mockumentary could be.  Now everyone from George Romero to J.J. Abrams has jumped on that grainy bandwagon, though once the budgets skyrocket into the multimillions, you have to wonder if they might have missed the point.

As a random aside, you could also blame the trend of shaky handheld shots on the film’s pass-the-Dramamine style, so obviously, that Blair Witch must be stopped.

7 Movies That Changed the Landscape of Horror Forever!


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