Movies That Changed Horror Forever: Scream

Posted: July 12, 2014 in News, Reviews
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During the mid-nineties, when moviegoers were fatigued on bland sequels and the horror genre as we knew it appeared to be waning, something happened.  The characters took on the perspective of the audience, learning and explicating every cliché that fans had been griping about for the previous twenty years.  This shot to the genre’s heart made Hollywood see that horror was once again marketable, and studios started pouring buckets of cash at it like never before.  And though you may regard the exploits in Woodsboro as disposable, anyone who lived through the nineties will likely remember it as a dizzying time to be a slasher aficionado. You can argue that Scream never made good on its unspoken promise to bring us years of smart, edgy horror films, but you can really blame it only for its direct failures: those substandard sequels. Which to be honest I love just as much as the first one! These movies are my guilty pleasure and I’m proud of it! What do you guys think, do you have a movie(s) that you love that people seem to hate on constantly? Another one of mine would have to be My Bloody Valentine!! I know you are probably thinking right now that the movie is complete and utter garbage but I really really love those old and new slasher movies, even if they are completely obvious and at times downright stupid. That to me is what makes those movies worth-while.

In another stroke of trendsetting brilliance for the time, Craven did the unspeakable and cast several already established actors, though ironically the “big names” would springboard the success of Scream to even better careers.  Except for Neve Campbell.  This was pretty much her peak, which is why she’ll be a granny and still playing Sidney Prescott. But hey, she will always have her part in horror history as long as this movie is around.

So guys, gimme some input or thoughts on this one? Agree or not?

Let me know in the comments below!

7 Movies That Changed the Landscape of Horror Forever!

  1. Horrorvile says:

    I absolutely agree, Scream saved the slasher genre when it was in a big slump in the 90′s. I also feel like it ended the slasher genre. Let’s be real after this amazing franchise came out there hasn’t been a good slasher film, many directors have tried but honestly failed. Scream is and always will be my favorite horror movie/franchise. Love every part of all the films! Great input on the topic though loved your thoughts.

  2. I was shocked – SHOCKED! – that Drew Barrymore was killed off in the first few minutes of “Scream”. At that point, you knew you were in for a movie that was going to play by its own rules.
    As far as guilty pleasures go – and don’t block me from your site for publicly admitting this – my guilty pleasure movies are the “Beach Blanket” movies with Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. These things are pure processed Cheese, absolutely mindless and dumb, and I cannot get enough of them.

    • Like myself you have a taste for these movies that aren’t in the mainstream talk among new horror fans! Us hardened vets know what we are talking about though! Scream was a complete and utter game changer on so many levels in my opinion

  3. Laura O says:

    I love Scream! I saw it at the cinema with my aunt and uncle when it came out. I was only 15 and was worried I wouldn’t get in!
    I grew up on horror films, and always loved them, but this was a real game changer. The first film will always be special and I like the sequels too, even though some of them are a bit shit. Long live Scream!

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