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Posted: June 10, 2014 in News
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At most Halloween attractions you’re an observer. The cardinal rule is that the actors can’t touch you. At Camp Darkwood, you’re a participant, and simply being touched is the least of your worries. This is an overnight, interactive horror experience where you’ll get to live through the frightening story for 12 hours. It’s everything you loved about camp as a kid – and everything you’ve been afraid of your entire life.

Campers will arrive at 7:30pm and be given a map and a list of clues. Once settled in at their cabins they’ll head to the mess hall for dinner and orientation. Afterward each group will follow their counselor to the next activity.



An extreme scavenger hunt that will require both bravery and cleverness if you want to win. This will be the most terrifying part of your camp experience as you’ll be facing horrific monsters, sadistic cultists, and worst of all – your deepest fears. The Ritual will take up most of your evening as you crisscross the campground looking for items to collect. Some will be freely given, and some may cost you. The creatures and cultists will be working to keep you from completing The Ritual by any means necessary and you may end up strapped to a table at their mercy or buried alive in the woods. This activity is not for the faint of heart.

Please note: each camper will be given a safeword to use if they wish to opt out of anything that happens to them. HOWEVER – If you use the safeword you will be disqualified from completing The Ritual.

CAMPFIRE TALES – Join our storytellers as they entertain you around a bonfire with blood curdling stories of horror and the macabre. Campers confident in their storytelling abilities can participate too! S’mores are included (of course).
ARTS & CRAFTS – Our crafty counselors will guide you through creating horror-themed decorations, collectibles, and treats.

FREE PLAY – During Free Play campers may enjoy any of the activities listed below

  • Movie Marathon – Relax and enjoy our indoor, big screen horror movie marathon with free popcorn!
  • Horror Trivia – Join host Clay Baker for two rounds of trivia each night, on everything from horror literature to scary video games

What’s Included

  • All activities listed above
  • Dinner consisting of one meat, two sides, and a roll (vegetarian options are available)
  • A water bottle that you can refill at our water stations throughout the night
  • A tote bag to collect your scavenger hunt items and carry your arts and crafts
  • One ticket for s’mores during campfire tales and one ticket for popcorn during the movie marathon
  • One twin bed in a cabin (bedclothes not included)
  • Continental breakfast

What You Should Bring

  • A Flashlight
  • A pillow, sheets, and blanket/sleeping bag
  • Anything you would bring for an overnight trip (medication, contacts, toothbrush/toothpaste)
  • Clothes you do not mind getting dirty and a clean outfit if you wish to shower/change. You will be getting dirty and gross if you participate in The Ritual.
  • Nerves of steel

We had the chance to speak with the guys behind this amazing attraction! Here’s some of what we talked about :

How did it start? How did you become involved? The idea for Camp Darkwood came from us fantasizing about the perfect Halloween attraction, the kind of thing we’ve always wanted to go to. We saw that other people like Blackout House were doing more involved, more intense attractions and we wanted something like that in our neck of the woods.

Roles you play etc. The camp is run by myself, Roman Paul, and my partner Ember Marr. Ember is the Business Director and I’m the Creative Director, but we both dabble in everything.

What it takes to make such an attraction? It takes a lot of determination to build it from the ground up. We started with no money, no staff, just an idea, so we called in favors from our friends and entered local business competitions to get it off the ground. We spent over a year planning and getting everything together before tickets went on sale.

What people should expect? Our campers should expect to live through a horror movie for twelve full hours. Camp Darkwood will be more immersive and intense than anything most people have experienced. You’ll be tied up, blindfolded…maybe even buried alive. What could be more fun than that?

What started your love for this? Any particular thing that sparked your love for this? Thoughts on attractions such as halloween horror nights?

We’re both life long horror and Halloween fans, so it’s hard to point to one thing in particular. I think that, for the most part, Halloween attractions have stagnated and that’s why you’re seeing this trend of more experiential attractions like Camp Darkwood, Horror Camp Live, and Blackout House. Theme parks still have pretty fun attractions due to the sheer size and budget that they have.

Camp Darkwood is located at Glenn Wood Hills Campground, 10747 Tide Rd, Derby, IN 47525.

Check this attraction out at –


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