Behind The Scenes Of Alien: Isolation

Posted: April 3, 2014 in News
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The more I hear about “Alien: Isolation” the more I like.  Almost everything they’ve discussed sounds like the perfect “Alien” experience.  It’s all so good, that I’m starting to worry that it can’t possibly live up to the promise.  However, I’m attempting to remain cautiously optimistic.

With that said, Creative Assembly is continuing to be open about their development process through their behind-the-scenes video segments.  The latest comes by way of the Playstation Blog and discusses how the xenomorph will function in “Alien: Isolation.”  One of the big takeaways is that the creature will operate in a dynamic fashion.  It won’t stick to a set pattern, so if you run through a segment twice your encounter might be different.

This is especially appealing for those of us that often die during horror games.  Horror games typically start to fall apart when you’re forced to replay a segment over and over again because you start to see the game mechanics at work.  The game becomes less about the terror and more about navigating the system.  If they’re able to achieve a truly unpredictable foe, no section of the game will feel safe or familiar.

Check out the video below.  ”Alien: Isolation” is set to release for the PC, XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, and PS4.


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