Hear From The Cast Of ‘Devil’s Due’

Posted: January 17, 2014 in News
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Devil’s Due, the latest found footage horror movie to hit the big screen, comes creeping on the heels of the successful Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (which opened big, then faltered). Are audiences ready for another spooky, shaky-cam freak-out?

If likability of the leads has anything to do with it, then it should be #1. Check out our exclusive interview with the actors who frolic in the devil’s playground, Allison Miller and Zack Gilford. They play a newlywed, newly knocked-up couple who find out they picked up more than just a few trinkets on their honeymoon.

DC: I saw a preview of the film at FOX a couple of months ago; it looks pretty scary! You both go through a lot in this film, and it seems to have been pretty grueling from both a physical and an emotional standpoint. Now, when you heard about this found footage horror film, what was your first thought? Did you think it would be so intensive?

Allison Miller: I read the script and thought this is really intriguing and I couldn’t stop thinking about it after I read it. And I know just the fact that, I mean I worked on sitcoms where the schedule was grueling and you’re exhausted at the end of every week, so I always know work is going to be hard. And then when you throw Matt Bettinelli into it, what happens in this movie, you know exactly how long this is going to take and how things are not going to work out like they are supposed to. And you are going to be wiped out.

DC: I’m not usually a fan of found-footage, but it seems like they found some inventive ways of presenting it.

Zach Gilford: Yeah, that was definitely something that we were conscious of the whole time. The first day, we all talked about trying to find ways to put the camera down, or to make interesting shots. Since we’re making a horror movie… it felt kind of logical and believable, in a way, especially when the theme of the movie is obviously not real [to]… portray it in the most real way possible and just make a movie in a much higher level of quality. Towards the end, people are running around and craziness is going on, it’s like “why is this being filmed?” We worked in earlier where there was an adventure camera that can be clipped onto his shirt. Even though obviously it’s not capturing the quality of video that we’re portraying, I think the audience will be like, “Okay, they covered that.”

DC: I don’t know if you’ve done a found-footage film before, have you?

ZG: No, I’ve never done one before.

DC: Did you have any concerns about how that would work out when you first signed on… found footage may be popular and trendy now, but it’s still not entirely embraced. As an actor, did you have any concerns about it?

ZG: No, I liked it. I thought it was really fun. I got to shoot half the movie. I’m really interested in someday directing. I’m really critical of shots, so it’s fun to me to get to have a hand in that. It definitely affected the acting because not only are you doing dialogue with another actor, but you’re also filming as well. It was kind of fun. I definitely am not an actor who cares about being on camera looking good.

DC: Well, you look very comfortable in the film. I have to say it has a very naturalistic feel to it, and the directors did say that you did shoot a lot of the movie, so I’m wondering was that also a consideration when you were brought on to this project, not only could you act, but could you film?

ZG: We tried a technique the first day. We tried to do this thing where we rehearse the scene and I’d shoot it, so they could see what the character would shoot and how the scene would go, and then Tyler, the DP director, would step in and film and I’d stand right behind him, do the scene, and then after a day and a half, they said, “You’re shooting was great. Let’s cut out the middle man.” Literally. I think it helped the movie, because it was more natural and real. A lot of movies are supposed to be someone interacting with someone filming them.

DC: Do you have a DP credit now? (laughs)

ZG: I don’t. I think I’ll have to join a union or something.

Let us know if you’ve seen it this week guys and what are your thoughts on the movie?


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