First Look At Fear Clinic Starring Robert Englund!

Posted: December 28, 2013 in News
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In 2009 FearNet launched “Fear Clinic,” a horror series starring Robert Englund as Dr. Andover, a fear doctor who induces hallucinations in patients dealing with crippling phobias using his “Fear Chamber.” Now a feature version is on its way and we have your first look right here.

For the film Robert Englund will reprise his role as Dr. Andover, Fiona Dourif will play Sara Falls, a young woman who seeks the help of Dr. Andover after her phobias begin to reemerge. Thomas Dekker will play Blake Patton, a disabled man who survives a terrible tragedy and is subsequently brought to the clinic. Also cast is Cleopatra Coleman (Step Up: Revolution), who will play Sara’s best friend, Megan McAllister, who possesses a fear of spiders.

Speaking of the film, Robert Hall said, “This is a whole different playing field. My new film has a much darker and surreal tone than the episodes, and I think fans will really appreciate the direction we’re going in.” Regarding the cast, he adds, “I’m terribly excited to get to collaborate with Fiona Dourif, who blows me away with her talent, and of course Thomas Dekker gets the best out of me when we’re on set and vice versa.

The film opens with a tragedy that launches five people into the public eye. Dr. Andover is enlisted to lend his expertise to help them overcome trauma-induced phobias. A year later terrifying ‘aftershocks’ rattle the survivors, leading to them to find their way back to the fear clinic seeking answers. As they line up for another turn in the chamber, Dr. Andover believes that something more sinister may be at work.

Fear Clinic begins filming next month for a Halloween 2014 release.


Fear Clinic 


Fear Clinic 


Fear Clinic 


Fear Clinic

  1. vintage45 says:

    Years ago I couldn’t stand Englund. I saw him in the horrible TV series V as Willie the wimpy alien and the part was beyond awful. I became a fan as he became Freddy. Now this post has given me something to look forward to.

    • Robert Englund pretty much made Freddy who he is today in my eyes..Jackie Earle Haley done an ok job but I think in most peoples eyes(especially Nightmare on Elm street fans) Englund will be the only real freddy!

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