Norman Reedus May Star In Crow Reboot!

Posted: November 22, 2013 in News
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It’s a damn shame that it’s taken this long for the spotlight to once again fall on Norman Reedus.  After “Boondock Saints”, I thought for sure the actor would’ve been much more prolific.  However, thanks to the popularity of “The Walking Dead”, the man also known as Daryl Dixon is getting newfound attention.

And while his primary commitment most likely remains with “The Walking Dead”, it would appear that he is also receiving movie offers.  According to the guys at Schmoes Know, Norman Reedus has been offered a part in the upcoming “The Crow” reboot.  Now, keep in mind, they don’t say that he’s up for a leading role. They only speculate and hope that it’s possible, as do I.

According to their report, Norman Reedus would be up for the role of “James.”  It’s unknown who this James character will be and whether or not he would be an ally to the Crow or an enemy.  With a guy like Norman Reedus, it’s easy to see him playing either side of the coin.

F. Javier Gutierrez is set to direct the upcoming reboot of the franchise with the original comic creator, James O’Barr, serving as a consultant.  The original film was infamous for being Brandon Lee’s last role and presented a gothic tale of a murdered man being given mystical powers to seek revenge.

Norman Reedus Might be Involved in Crow Reboot

  1. This IS good news! I think he has the perfect look and style for the world of The Crow. Ever since I read James O’ Barr’s comments about bringing a new interpretation of his fantastic graphic novel to the screen rather than remaking the original film, I’ve been incredibly excited to see the reboot!

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