Guy Quit’s NASA Job To Make Customisable Halloween Costumes

Posted: October 16, 2013 in News
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Welcome to the future.

We already teased this new technology last Halloween, but shit just got even more insane.

NASA Engineer Mark Rober, who was one of many behind the Mars Rover, joined forces with Morphsuits and the Digital Dudzto share the key to Halloween party domination…

Watch the following video below for instruction on how to create the most incredible Halloween costume of 2013. Basically, you purchase a shirt with a sleeve for your mobile device, get the app for either Apple or Android, and then customize the digital effects that display through the holes in each shirt.

You can get a quick glance at the company’s website, or check out your local Party City if you prefer not to buy on online…

  1. Katie M. says:

    I like this guy. Doesn’t everyone want to quit their job to work in the horror industry? I know I do! I would jump on that chance in a heartbeat!

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