Insanely Awesome Trailer For All Hallow’s Eve

Posted: September 8, 2013 in News
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What’s scarier than a murderer loose on Halloween night? When he’s done up in clownface makeup. Take a look at the awesome trailer for the upcoming ALL HALLOWS’ EVE.

Arriving October 29 on DVD and digital from Image Entertainment, ALL HALLOWS’ EVE focuses on a young woman named Sarah (Katie Maguire) who discovers an old VHS cassette in the trick-or-treat bag of the kids she’s babysitting. When she plays it, the tape turns out to contain three horrific tales linked by the murderous Art the Clown (Mike Giannelli)—who starts to work his way into her reality. Damien Leone scripted and directed the Ruthless Pictures production, and producer Jesse Baget tells Fango, “There have been a lot of clown movies made through the years, but for me, Leone’s Art the Clown takes the cake. This clown is not only the meanest bastard around, but he seems to be having a blast dispatching his victims, be it with a gun, a hacksaw or any torture instrument Leone’s twisted mind can dream up.” Check out ALL HALLOWS’ EVE’s Facebook page here.

I honestly can say this is probably the most excited I’ve been all year for a movie!! This looks completely awesome and I would literally give anything to see it right now! I reckon this one is going to go down in the books alongside V/H/S and the sort.

Check out the video below!


  1. mikegsjunk says:

    see, this is why I hate clowns..haha!…this movie looks awesome!!….mikey
    from SURG TECH……On call can be murder

  2. I’m definitely going to have to check this out. Clowns are so freaking creepy!

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