Top 10 Horror Villains

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Our Top 10's
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Pennywise#10: PENNYWISE- kill count:9, films:1. He is the dancing clown and demonic entity who kills children and is part of disasters every 30 years in Derry,Maine.He was killed by having his heart pulled out while still alive and his signature weapon is his teeth.


candyman#9: CANDYMAN- kill count:22, films:3. Immortal killer who can teleport, has super-powers and has an army of bees under his control.He was the son of a slave and his weapon of choice is his hook hand.

Chucky #8: CHUCKY- kill count:30, films:6. A crazy killer doll that is hard to kill.Previously the lakeshore strangler Charles Lee Ray who was killed by police and used voodoo magic to transfer his soul to a good guy doll, his signature weapon is a kitchen knife.

Leatherface#7: LEATHERFACE- kill count:31, films:7. A cannibalistic serial killer with a mental disability.He also wears a mask made of human skin and comes from an inbred family,his signature weapon is his chainsaw.

Pinhead#6: PINHEAD- kill count:35, films:9. A master of torture with demonic powers who also leads a group of demon torturers known as the ‘Cenobites’.Suffered post-traumatic stress disorder,his signature weapon is his hooked chains.

jigsaw#5: JIGSAW- kill count:40, films:7. Criminal mastermind who uses traps to torture victims giving them chance of hope through sick games.He became bitter and twisted after loss of unborn child and inoperable cancer,his weapon of choice is traps.

freddy-krueger#4: FREDDY KRUEGER- kill count:42, films:9. Invades peoples dreams to kill them prefers children, cannot be killed in dream world but loses all powers in reality.He was an orphan who spent childhood being bullied, was also burned alive by residents of Elm street, his weapon of choice is his claw glove.

Leprechaun#3: LUBIN- kill count:45, films:7. Cruel,greedy and sadistic leprechaun who can be killed by touching a four-leaf clover..or can he?He was kidnapped by a greedy american looking for a pot of gold, he will use any weapon readily available to him.

Michael-Myers#2: MICHAEL MYERS- kill count:111, films:10. Serial killer who is extremely difficult to kill and doesnt speak.At age 6 killed his sister, was admitted to Smith’s Grove Asylum, escaped on Halloween eve uses a butcher knife as weapon of choice.


#1: JASON VOORHEES- kill count:300+, films:13. One of the highest body counts in slasher history, he is difficult to kill and can be revived with electricity.Drowned at age 11 at Camp Crystal Lake by other kids calling him a freak.He uses a machete as weapon of choice.

There you have it guys our first Top 10 list for you all to enjoy! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or feel free to leave a comment!

  1. Nice list. Sad to see what they did with Freddy in the later sequels. The original Nightmare scared the crap out of me the first time I saw it. After part 3, though, they were just awful.

    Jason’s hard to assign a body count to. In “Jason X”, he blows up a space station and we don’t know how many people were there. Plus, as early as Part 3, they imply that he’s active even outside of the movies. But I only know of 12 films – including Freddy vs. Jason and the remake (unless they made a sequel to the remake or something).

    • Yeah well I just tried to get an idea of how many on screen kills we can actually see! But I get your point many people have pointed it out to me about pinhead also that he would have many more kills than I have listed! But hey I gave it a shot.. I might try a better version in time!
      Thanks for the feedback,

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