Real-Life Zombie Drug Causing Terror

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A drug called Scopolamine other wise known as the Devils Breath which grows naturally in Columbia is causing terror as criminals use the drug to victimize men and women in the most heinous ways possible. The drug is not a new drug by any means but just now is getting quite a bit of mainstream press for its uses. The Nazi’s used the drug scopolamine in their experiments and during the 60′s the CIA used it as well in experiments and released a document in September of 1993 outlining what they did with it.

Roofies aka Rohpynol were made in the early 70′s to sedate people during operations and creeps and vile criminals have used it to prey on people. Scopolamine however is far more terrifying because it acts like a roofie but also takes away all of your control and worse yet blocks your short-term memory so you will not remember the events at all.

1 gram of Scopolamine costs 50 peso’s and it appears to have no real practical use other then to cause sheer terror and victimize people. The drug which comes from a tree called the Barrachero which grows in Columbia will cause hallucinations if you ingest the pollen but worse yet if you consume the extracted scopolamine you are put into a zombie like state where you will have no memory of what happens and are under the command of the person who gives it to you.

Sounds like a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone only this is all fact without the fiction.

Scopolamine blocks the part of your brain that stores short-term memory as well as making you docile so you respond to commands regardless of how insane they are. Somebody can slip you the drug and tell you to empty your bank account and later you will ‘wake up’ with no memory of the events and completely penniless. Worse yet if you go to complain at your bank they will show you footage of you withdrawing the money making a bad situation even worse!

You can be slipped the drug Scopolamine and be told to murder somebody and you will comply and wake up without any memory of the event. Manchurian Candidate anyone? If you have the urge to visit Columbia might I suggest you avoid the strip clubs where apparently it is quite rampant as women are dosing men with it and robbing them blind and in some cases robbing and then murdering them.

The zombie drug scopolamine is the thing of real nightmares and is far scarier then the premise of any horror movie I have seen yet! Below you can watch a 35 minute documentary made by the really talented folks at VICE about the drug and trust me it will scare the crap out of you!


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