Third X-Files Movie? Simon Pegg Could Be Cast

Posted: August 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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In an exclusive interview with Empire“X-Files” show creator Chris Carter revealed that a third film would return to the franchise mythology, and will have a role available for Simon Pegg, if he were to choose to accept it.

It’s really up to Twentieth Century Fox, whether they have the will to do it,” he tells the UK mag. “I think all of us are interested in putting the band back together. I have an idea for a third movie in my head. The colonization date has passed [in the series, the date for the alien invasion was December 22, 2012 – Ed.] and that is something we wouldn’t ignore. For the second movie, we only had the budget for a standalone story, but we want to go back to the mythology.

With The World’s End now in theaters, it’s interesting that Carter reveals that he nearly cast star Simon Pegg in the second film.

Gillian [Anderson] worked with Simon Pegg on a movie [2008’s How To Lose Friends And Alienate People] and told me that he was a big fan,” he reveals. “We actually thought about putting him in the second movie, but there was no part for him. I certainly would think about him if we were to go forward in any way.

Even though the second “X-Files” movie was an absolute atrocity, I would love to see a third film swing back into focus on the alien threat and how Scully and Mulder handle their inside Intel.


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