Is This The Final House For HHN 23 In Orlando?

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So there is still some stuff apparently not yet released about this years Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando. Now what those announcements are is still unknown, but this isn’t going to stop us all from speculating now… is it?

Universal is saving one more house for this years event. The 8th house was not part of HHN reveal week but will be revealed shortly. The excitement is infecting the internet already and is spreading like a virus.

Apparently the date for this reveal is the 29th of August, which was posted on the Twitter of HHN Orlando but soon after deleted. This leaves everything some what up in the air about what is going on!

But will in be revealed sooner or later? In past years the website has been fully launched a month before the event is due to begin. Is this a new tactic employed by the masterminds at Universal Orlando? Or are we looking into this too much? Either way it’s pretty exciting if you ask me!!

The other thing people are mentioning is that in a recent tweet posted they have said ‘1 street experience has been revealed’ which has lots of people speculating whether there will be more to come? What do you think? Me personally I would like 1 or 2 more roaming hordes or something to that effect.

There has been many rumors about the house and what it will be based on.. and the one to come up more often than not is… Resident Evil!! And I sure hope this is true!! Here’s a few reasons why this may be the most likely idea for the final house/street experience.


Last year Halloween Horror Nights broke their own mold by introducing video games into the mix. They brought Silent Hill to life as a property and had many characters from the franchise roaming the streets too. This could mean more of this is on the way… for example Resi!

Universal Studios Japan used Resident Evil as a them for their Halloween Horror Nights and it was a massive success. So much so that they even created a shooting experience at the park based on it. So what does this have to do with Orlando you may ask? Well seen as it was such a major success in Japan and that the company still holds the license to use Resident Evil. Now we are not entirely sure that if Japan used it that it automatically means so can Orlando and we won’t get into that either… But it seems logical right?

Anyway until Universal officially reveal anything we really don’t know and that’s one of the best things about this event! The element of surprise throughout the build-up and event itself!

So what do you think? Leave you thoughts below!!



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