Havoc:Derailed Coming To Halloween Horror Nights In Orlando

Posted: August 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Government experiments go wrong all the time right? But what happens when the job is done so well that when it’s over there is no off switch?! That was the idea behind the story for Havoc:Dog of War at Halloween Horror Nights 20. Super soldiers that went insane and turned on their creators. It was one of the favorites of that year. So, what happen’s when you get dogs of war under control? You send them on the longest train ride away from civilization. Right?

havoc2 hhn23

The government is trying to contain these lunatic’s and as always things don’t go as planned. The train derails and these goons are on the loose… what stops them from hurting people again? What stops them from hurting you??

Havoc: Derailed is an original house idea and is a sequel to Dogs of War. The story picks up after the train derails in the naturally threatening surrounding areas.

Here’s some info from the HHN Orlando twitter and Mike Aiello :

Havoc: Derailed takes place six weeks after the events of Dogs of War. At great loss, the government has gotten control of Shadow Creek Lab from the Dogs of War. The remaining DOW are being transported aboard a military convoy train to another facility. While on the train, Shadow Creek scientists were to continue experiments on the DOW subjects to see if they could be pacified. Six minutes into transport, all contact was lost.

The battle will begin in the claustrophobic confines of train cars…then derailment into an all out war amongst the twisted wreckage… – Mike Aiello, Universal Creative Director

I can’t wait for this house personally!! This is shaping up to be one of the best years of Halloween Horror Nights in a long time!!

Bring on September 30th when I make my long awaited journey to Orlando!

Stay tuned!!


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