Afterlife:Deaths Vengeance Coming To Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

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What you do in the course of your life determines what happens to you in the afterlife. Well at least that’s the story that Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando is going with for their new house, Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance. The ghosts of a murderers past have come back to haunt him, even after he is already dead. This is Halloween Horror Nights darker take on a 3D house for HHN 23.

afterlife deaths vengeance

Afterlife:Deaths Vengeance tells the story of Bobby ‘The Blade’ Galleta, an insane serial killer who was sentenced to death. Unfortunately for him, death isn’t the escape he was expecting. He ends up in the middle of his own personal hell in the afterlife which is a direct consequence of his actions in real life. The maze takes place in the town of Carey,Ohio which is the setting of many of Halloween Horror Nights houses. Guests will start at the end of Bobby’s life with being hit with 2,000 volts of electricity on ‘Ole Sparky’.

Halloween Horror Nights has had a pretty good run with 3D houses in the past and this one will be the third time in a row for Universal. Previous houses include, The Inbetween in 2011 and last years amazing Penn and Teller Nuk’d Las Vegas. Apparently this years house however will take a dramatic turn from the usual genre with 3D mazes and takes a darker route. Instead of the guests looking at the tortured souls of a prison or investigating what happened, they are put into the shoes of the killer… and get to find out what happens when you are a sick killer who wreaks HAVOC!!!!!!

I quite like the sound of that actually, we’re starting with the death of Bobby “The Blade” and then going for a hellish ride to where either he’s getting vengeance or his victims are on him. Yep, I’m definitely intrigued by this . Where did the name of the town come from? Well, we’ve got an answer for that one as well!

“Carey is the hometown of someone on our team. It has picked years ago as just a throwaway location and has become our favorite setting!”

Now, some may wonder if this has any ties to the previous InBetween maze experience and we have answers on that as well. (Seriously, Mike is being awesome with all the questions he’s been getting).

“This will be in the vein of InBetween but more violent aesthetics [and] there are most definitely some InBetween homages… UV,Lasers, demonic souls… All wrapped in a brand new pulp type story… Very excited!”

Further elaborating on this, Mike and his crew apparently got a lot of the inspiration from Johnny Cash of all things (I can see that actually), “Listened to nothing but Cash while creating this maze with the team… This was so much fun. Honestly… Johnny Cash’s “there ain’t no grave” just set the tone. And pulp comics… Just provided the right mindset to write.”

This is the second house revealed from the Halloween Horror Nights reveal week with houses being announced at midnight every night this week! Can’t wait to see what tonight will bring… I have a feeling I know already! It’s a sequel apparently… and I think it may be a five letter word and the first letter is H… maybe I’m right maybe I’m wrong… let’s see at midnight tonight I guess… Stay tuned for more.

Check out the previous 3D houses from past events below :

Penn and Teller Nuk’d Las Vegas – Orlando – 2012

Alice Cooper Goes To Hell – Hollywood – 2012


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