Over the past several days there have been stories coming out in regards to Paranormal Activity 5. There has been a lot of talk and that just seems to be the case, a lot of talk and not a whole lot of action. My question is, does anyone even care about Paranormal Activity 5? If so, get ready for the latest news that has hit the web.

According to The Wrap, the previously announced release date of January 3, 2014 forParanormal Activity 5, isn’t PA 5 after all, instead that release date is for the Latino spin-off, formerly known as “The Oxnard Tapes.”

The untitled spin-off is directed by Christopher Landon (Paranormal Activity 2), and apparently it is finished and it has tested well.

As for Paranormal Activity 5, well, according to the site, the film doesn’t even have a script yet and there is still no word on a director. However, the site seems to believe that Greg Plotkin, who edited the last three films is likely to direct the fifth installment.



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