New Texas Chainsaw Movie?

Posted: July 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Texas Chainsaw 3D was a huge let down for a lot of people but that wont stop the producers from cashing in on Texas Chainsaw Massacre by making another one.

A few months ago an anonymous scooper had said that their had been a meeting of some kind between studio execs and Texas Chainsaw 3D’s key producers. The scooper went on to say that the meeting was purely to throw around ideas. During this meeting it was mentioned that Alexandra Daddario and Dan Yeager could be willing to both return for another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.

On top of the two headliners returning a ton of names were thrown around the table as potentially new cast members including Cody Linley and Tommy Hatto. As far as plot for the new movie we were told that the movie would have a twist with a new male protagonist making it sound like they would continue the theme of Leatherface as superhero.

The story was quickly debunked by Bloody Disgusting who reached out to Christa Campbell an executive producer on Texas Chainsaw 3D. Shortly after BD debunked the story however we received word from a scooper adamant that the info was correct.

Today we have another update that seems to confirm our earlier story. A reader had a chance to catch up with Dan Yeager at The London Comic Con Festival and tells us.

On the 6th July, I went to the London Comic Con Film & TV Festival and was able to ask Dan Yeager about the sequel that is upcoming. He said that he is reprising his role as Leatherface and that hopefully Alexandra will be back as they had good chemistry between themselves as actors and their character counterparts.

I also asked about the possible newcomers who may be appearing in the form of Cody Linley and Tommy Hatto. Dan said that he had not heard any confirmation but did hear those particular names being thrown around often. He said that whoever is chosen, he will be happy to work with.

What are your thoughts on another Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie? Are you for it or against it?

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