Eli Roth Releases Statement About ‘Goretorium’

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There’s been a lot of talk today about Eli Roth’s haunted attraction in Vegas, The Goretorium, being in financial trouble, etc., so rather than report on hypothesis, we figured we’d just go straight to Eli for a statement. See how easy that was?

“We are absolutely open and plan on staying this way,” Roth tells us. “We certainly know a lot more now about operating a year-round haunt than when we opened last September and are restructuring financially in order to keep it alive and well. Every new business has its challenges, and with the incredible continued support of the horror fans, we’ll be terrifying guests for many more years. Fans around the globe have gone through and called it hands down the best haunt they’ve ever been to, and we want as many as possible to experience it. Thank you to everyone so far who has given us a chance, and to everyone else we look forward to terrifying you soon. Come on by for a scream and a drink. We are open!”



Via Dread Central


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