devils woods

Filming will begin next month on a new independent horror film that is being shot mostly in Summerhill Wood as well as a number of other locations in Meath and Dublin.
‘The Devil’s Woods’ was written by Anthony White, who is originally from Dublin but has been living in Summerhill for the past six years. He will also direct the film.
The film stars Stephen Cromwell, who has previously featured in RTE hit series ‘Love/Hate’ and a short film ‘Tiger’ which is being shown at the Cannes Film Festival. The cast also includes Daniel Mahony who starred in ‘Coppers Uncovered’ a hugely successful play that has just completed a sell-out run in Dublin.
Much of this full feature film will be shot in Summerhill Woods, but other scenes will be filmed at the Hatchet Pub in Dunboyne, as well as various other locations in Meath and Dublin.
The plot is based on four friends who stop at a small town in the middle of rural Ireland on their way to a music festival.
Unknown to the girls, Jay and Keith have heard about the legends surrounding the town and some of its dark past. The girls decide to play a prank on Keith and Jay but things don’t go as expected.
Filming is due to begin in the second week of June and will take about three weeks and involve 30 people.
One of the biggest challenges is to raise the funds needed to make the film, and while those involved are volunteering their time for free, there are still costs such as hiring equipment, travel and food expenses to pay.
The film is on the funding platform ‘Indigogo’ and donations are welcome.
Once shooting is completed, editing will start and Mr White said he hopes to have the film finished by early next year in time for the film festival season.
The plan is to take it to film festivals and hopefully get a buyer and have the film released.

The movie recently got full funding (2,000euros) from their campaign on Indiegogo which will cover costs of food,travel and equipment expense’s as most of the crew involved are doing this movie on a volunteer status.

Looking forward to this one! Maybe we can even get an early view of it to tell you guys about how great it is..

Stay tuned for more!!


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