New Resident Evil Movie Filming This Fall

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Finally director Paul W.S. Anderson has chimed in as to when we can expect the sixth film in the very popular Resident Evil film franchise. Fire up the slow motion and Matrix-style effects, and read on!

According to an interview Anderson did with the Star, he will begin directing the next flick in the fall, moving straight from his currently shooting Pompeii directly to Resident Evil. That also means it’s very likely the film will make its announced September 12, 2014, release date as these movies are known for their particularly quick turnarounds.

The Mr X visual effects house, who was responsible for all the movie magic you saw in the most recent sequel along with the other sequels Apocalypse and Afterlife, not to mention Anderson’sThree Musketeers, will return to do VFX work on the new project.

Look for more details as they become available.




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