Original World war Z Ending Very Different

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Brad Pitt’s biggest opening weekend ever. For me, the ending provides a welcome respite from all the explosions – and you finally see the zombies behave as zombies. It’s actually suspenseful.

But it’s always interesting to think what might have been and, in this case, what was actually shot. Over 45 minutes was discarded from the original cut in favor of the new ending and Movies.com has a really nice, in depth look at what the changes were.

A few bullet points below.

– Originally the plane didn’t crash. It landed in Russia and (after executing the old and sick onboard), the military drafts everyone onboard into military service.

– You may have missed Matthew Fox in the film, he’s barely in it as one of the crew of the helicopter that rescues Pitt and his family early in the film. But he didn’t show up just to make a cameo, originally his part was much larger. In fact, when Mireille Enos and her daughters are sent off the ship and to the camp – she has to trade her body to survive. Matthew Fox is on the receiving end of this bargain.

– Cold slows down the zombies, making them easier to kill. Something Gerry learns from his months spent fighting them in Russia in the original 3rd act.


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