Shoot Resident Evil Zombies This Summer At Universal Studios Japan!

Posted: May 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Last year, Universal Studios Japan teamed up with Capcom to create an incredible theme park inspired by the world of Resident Evil. Today, Japanese gaming mag Famitsu revealed a similar project called Resident Evil The Real — a new attraction where you’re given a model gun (the Samurai Edge, I hope) and 5-10 minutes to fight for your life with limited ammunition. And apparently, you get to shoot zombies with the same practice guns the police and the military use.

Apparently, the B.O.W.s, including the Licker, look very realistic. This is thanks to legendary Japanese special effects artist Shinichi Wakasa (Godzilla), who had a hand in the creature design.

Each visitor is equipped with a 700 gram “model gun” that only have a limited number of bullets. The goal is to shoot the zombies and other creatures—and wipe out the virus contagion.

Famitsu states that the “shooting system” is similar to what is used by police and the military for training exercises. (I’m assuming Famitsu is talking about this laser training system.)

This looks awesome, I really wish I could see this for myself in person but I guess I will have to live the experience through anyone lucky enough to get to go.

Thoughts guys? I’m sure resident evil fans would love to visit this one! I know I sure would!!

It also looks like you’ll get a sweet Umbrella Corporation lanyard, complete with a laminated ID card.



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