Sadako 3D Newest Teaser!

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Mr. Nakata’s film adaptation franchise of Ringu is on a roll and is making its way into the next half of 2013 with a 3D sequel to Sadako 3D.

Announced last October with little details pertaining to the sequel, a teaser of the disturbing continuation was streamed on film website, Cinema Today last month to once again, promote it tremendously.

Director Hanabusa Tsutomu will also be directing the sequel with the original Ringu author, Suzuki Koji, writing out the script. Although the story of this film will be receiving a whole new cast, namely Miori Takimoto, Kōji Seto, Kokoro Hirasawa, and more.

“According to Kadokawa Pictures, the story is set several years after the events in Sadako 3D and will introduce a certain young girl who inherited the genes of Sadako.” Suzuki Koji explained “that the sequel will reveal the true objective of Sadako who was resurrected in Sadako 3D.” It will also “reveal the new film series’ connection with the earlier Ring and Rasen films” and Sadako herself “will appear in the sequel alongside a new female protagonist (Miori Takimoto).”

Sadako 3D will be entirely shot in stereoscopic 3D and is slated for an August 30 release.

Check out the creepy teaser below!

Sadako 3D Plot At a high school where Akana Aikawa works as a teacher, a rumor exists of a video. The video is purported to show someone committing suicide. Then Akane Aikawa’s student Noriko kills herself. During that time, more suspicious deaths occur one after another. The police concludes that the deaths are suicides. What the police miss is that a key element exists in all of the students’ deaths. All of them watched a video before they died. Akane Aikawa now holds the key to the revival of Sadako and must defeat her once and for all.


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